Meet the Ladyboys of Thailand

Ladyboys of ThailandLadyboys are known as katoey in Thai and basically speaking are men who dress as women. In many cases these ladyboys genuinely believe that they are women who have been born in men’s bodies and go all out to make themselves look as much like women as possible. In addition to dressing like women, these ladyboys often undergo extensive surgery to shave their Adam’s apples and alter other parts of their anatomy so they look extremely feminine.

Equal Opportunities for All

There is no stigma to being a ladyboy in Thailand and in many cases ladyboys are actually celebrated. Because of this, ladyboys can be found in virtually every profession, from waiting tables in fancy restaurants to working in the local 7-11. However, in Phuket the most beautiful and talented ladyboys can often be found performing on stage in elaborate cabaret shows or shaking their stuff on stage in special ladyboy bars.

How to Spot a Ladyboy in Thailand

If you are a man trying to get lucky in one of Phuket’s bars, you might want to take a close look to make sure that the object of your desire started life as a girl rather than a boy. Spotting a ladyboy can sometimes be tricky, as they often study hard to make themselves look as feminine as possible. However, one thing that no amount of surgery and careful dressing can hide is the size of their feet, and this is one of the first things that uncertain suitors should look for.

Ladyboys may be a little taller than the average female, although in Thailand this may not always be the case. Another good tell is that ladyboys are often a little too feminine and graceful, as they work hard to mimic their movie star idols. Generally speaking, if a girl seems a little bit too hot and too interested, whether she is 100% female or not it is best to run for the hills.