Gay Events in Miami

Just about anything and everything goes in the vibrant city of Miami in the USA and large number of special gay events are held here throughout the year. These annual events attract party people from all over the globe and they are the perfect times to really let loose and have a good time.

The Winter Party hits Miami in the month of March and more than ten thousand people take part in this very colorful event each and every year. The Winter Party is a celebration of the arts and visitors can be sure that there will be plenty to see and do at this time of year.

Of course, the biggest alternative event of them all is the Miami Beach Gay Pride. People head to Miami from all over the USA and beyond to join in the festivities.

Gay Events in MiamiFilm buffs flock to the area in April to join the film of the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. A wide range of movies are screened as part of the festival, and a large number of venues can be found in the South Beach area. Special parties also offer the movie goers the chance to mix and mingle after the show.

The Aqua Girl Party is dedicated to the lovely ladies who also want to party and celebrate their sexuality. Comedy events play a big part of the festivities during this event, while there are also pool parties, parades art exhibitions and much more.

The South Florida Boat Show is also held in May and has been popular for several years now. People who enjoy messing about on the water are sure to be impressed with the latest boats that are on display. Of course, the celebrations also feature boat parties, as well as stalls selling nautical souvenirs and accessories.